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Let’s Talk About Mom Bods: Your Body After Kids

According to Elle magazine columnist, E.J. Dickson, a Mom Bod is “essentially code for a frumpy, asexual woman who has, to borrow a charming colloquialism that is almost exclusively applied to women, […] let herself go.

I recently went on a Girls Trip to Las Vegas and I packed all of my favorite two pieces and crop tops. Yes, I have stretch marks and a not-so-flat tummy. But my confidence outweighed all of that.

When all of the excitement & celebration after labor subsides, a lot of us mamas are usually wondering – “Okay, when is my pre-pregnancy body coming back?” Trust me, I’ve been there (x4).

So, what happens when our body doesn’t automatically “snapback” to pre-pregancy size?

The praise towards women who bounce back to our size before getting pregnant is kinda obnoxious. It makes a lot of women feel bad about themselves because the transformation isn’t as fast for them. There’s this idea that because our bodies aren’t picture perfect, that means we’ve “let ourselves go.”

But you just made a whole human, Mama!

The emphasis should be snapping back to our best selves – mentally, physically, emotionally. Motherhood is beautiful. and beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are & that includes your new MomBod.

Don’t let society tell you anything different.

If no one has told you today – You got this mama. You’re amazing. And your butt looks good.