My Fashion Favs for Chilly Spring Weather

Even though Spring is technically here, the weather has been super confusing lately. Cool days and cold nights has us not knowing whether we should pull out our shorts or keep the parkas out.

I just came back from a week long trip in SoCal and it was just as cold in Long Beach, CA as it has been in Colorado Springs (minus the surprise snow showers, of course). Luckily, I packed my fav floral duster as well as other lightweight jackets to keep me a little warm on those chilly Spring nights. The curse of being “in between seasons.”

Despite the chilly weather, I was able to explore a little bit of Long Beach during my downtime. Most of my days were spent working at the convention center for our event, but I just loved the atmosphere there. We had an amazing brunch at Fuego at The Maya – that I wish I took pictures of (sorry ya’ll). And of course, I couldn’t have visited Cali without stopping at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles! I’ll definitely have to return on a trip that isn’t work related.

Here are a few items that are essential to me for surviving the bipolar temperatures of the early Spring weather.

Cute Duster Jackets

I love a cute lightweight cardigan, but these duster jackets are my fav for Spring. Pair a sheer floral duster with some fitted jeans and a baby tee – and you’re dressed for spring and covered from the breeze. I also rock the duster jackets with my dresses for a classy, feminine look when I’m on a date with the hubby. He says it makes me look extra – and that’s just the look I was going for. Haha 😉

White Denim

Transitioning from winter to spring is easy when you throw in some white denim. White jeans pairs perfectly with a springtime print or a blue denim top. It’s like your style is saying “hello spring – goodbye winter.”

Colorful Blazers

When the days are cloudy and the nights makes you shiver, brighten the mood with a colorful blazer. Adding a pop of color with a vibrant jacket may not chase away the chill in the air, but at least you’ll look like those spring time vibes you’re missing.

Spring Dresses

Okay, I know the temp has been chilly but you can’t have spring without the cute dresses! Right? Just make sure you bring that denim jacket to cover up once the weather switches up on you.

Don’t be afraid to play around with your wardrobe even though it’s nippy outside. You can still embrace the Spring mood without being cold, I promise! In the meanwhile, I’ll countdown the days to summer with you.

What are your spring fashion must haves when the weather is still pretending to be winter?



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